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Rates & Charges

COE Renewal for Passenger Car – 2.80-4.98%

Used Car rate – 3.28%

New Car rate – 2.68%

Car Re-Financing rate – 3.28%

Private Hired Car rate – 3.50%

COE Renewal for Commercial Vehicle – 4.00%

Used Commercial Vehicle rate – 3.60%

New Commercial rate – 3.10%


For New / Used Commecial Vehicle

Minimum Loan of $20,000.00

Minimum Tenure 12 mths (1 year)

Maximum Tenure 108 mths (9 year)

Processing Fee $500


For COE Renewal Financing

Minimum Loan of $10,000.00

Minimum Tenure 12 mths (1 year)

For 5 yrs COE Renewal - Maximum Tenure 54 mths (4.5 year)

For 10 yrs COE PQP Renewal - Maximum Tenure 84 mths (7 yr)

Processing Fee $100

Off Peak Car conversion processing fee $100 (excluding LTA Fees)

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